Our Spiritual Director and Speakers

Our Spiritual Director

Theresa Bishop Fieberts has been a passionate student of New Thought since 1992 and in 2001, while a member of Center for Positive Living in Sarasota she earned her Practitioner’s license from Emerson Theological Institute. The next year, Theresa joined The Center for Spiritual Living Sarasota (formerly Center for Spiritual Awakening), where she has been a very active member, serving on the Board of Trustees, as the Youth Director, Prayer Partner, Class Facilitator, Workshop Leader, Sunday Service Presider and occasional Guest Speaker.

Her desire for a greater expression of life and knowledge lead her to recently return to college and in 2011, she graduated with Highest Honors from Eckerd College and a BA in Human Development. Part of her program of study involved creating and facilitating Mindfulness training for children, parents, and teachers. She’s had the opportunity to share this work at Girls Inc., local Girl Scouts, and currently at Gocio Elementary Go-Getters after school program. Additionally, she has facilitated meditation groups at Sarasota’s Elysian Fields Book & Gifts.

She recently completed her path to becoming a licensed CSL Practitioner and is now studying for her Masters in Consciousness through the Holmes Institute; a training that will lead to Ministerial licensing.

Theresa is blissfully married to Bobby Fieberts and the proud mother of two terrific young adults. Theresa has been a licensed real estate professional since 1982 and is a Top-Producer with Wagner Realty.

Theresa can be reached at:
Theresa@TheresaFieberts.com or Phone 941-376-0177

Sunday Speakers du Jour

When our Spiritual Director is unavailable on a given Sunday, Center for Spiritual Living - Manatee enjoys the services of a number of speakers. Biographical information, as it becomes available follows:

Rev. Allan Bazzy was born in Detroit, Michigan to Lebanese immigrant parents. His father was an imam with the Islamic Center of Detroit and was raised in the Muslim tradition. As a child Allan was taught that if all the prophets that ever lived were in the same room at the same time there would be little disagreement. This teaching inspired Allan to become a Unity Minister. He has a Master’s degree in Religious Studies from the University of Kansas. Allan, together with Connie Koyen and Greg Williams heads the ministerial team at Unity Church in the Woods. Allan makes his living with his son and business partner Michael Bazzy at Bradenton Beach Marina, a business he founded 28 years ago.

I am Rev. Jill Braun-Smith, a Religious Science New Thought minister, ordained through Emerson Institute. I was a staff minister with the Center for Conscious Living in Largo , FL, for four years and was co-pastor of my own church -- "Center for Spiritual Living in St. Petersburg , FL. I am now a minister with the Center for Spiritual Living Tampa. I have an active ministry:

• Speaking at Religious Science church services statewide.
• Performing weddings and sacred ceremonies.
• Acting as a Radical Forgiveness coach.
• Giving Radical Forgiveness workshops.
• Performing Radical Forgiveness ceremonies.
• Conducts "New Thought Explorations" book study group.
• Co-facilitating a women's support group.

In addition to these activities, I am a co-leader with Inner City Outings, a branch of the Sierra Club that takes inner city youngsters to parks for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Rev. Jill can be reached by e-mail at: iamrevjill@yahoo.com.

Rev. Maria Shamaya Clemente is a spiritual coach, consultant, and counselor. Rev. Maria has spent two decades working with dozens of non-profit communities, including the Gandhi Foundation USA, India America Cultural Association, Soka Gakkai International, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site, Albany Civil Rights Movement Museum, Morehouse College, and various New Thought churches. As a public speaker, workshop facilitator, and transformational trainer she has traveled to churches, bookstores, conferences, and educational centers across the United States.
Her articles, essays, and meditations have been published in various magazines. She has self-published numerous books and manuals, and released two recordings of guided meditations. She's created a variety of classes, workshops, programs and events that are designed to build community, teach peace, and explore creativity.

Rev. Maria can be reached at revmarias@aol.com, her website: www.be-the-change.com.

Rev. Denise Oyler You'll hear Reverend Denise recall her childhood. She loved to fish. And, as it began, her life reflects her innate intuitive sense. Denise Oyler took this gift and immersed herself in learning everything she could - she developed a talent. And she built this talent into an ability and thus prospered, becoming the leading female pro-angler in the U.S.

This she relates in her prelude to Creative Expression. And her life continued to follow this pattern. Reverend Denise lived by the Law of Attraction before she studied it and before it became a popularly recognized concept.

Reverend Denise became affiliated with the Center for Positive Living in 1994; she served in many roles including Prayer Partner and conducted services. She began her spiritual training in 2000 and received her Ministerial Credentials from Emerson Theological Institute in 2004. She personally trained with Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith, two of the men featured in the DVD, "The Secret".

Reverend Denise welcomes you to join with like-minded people in group meetings to advance the empowerment of your spirit. Individual coaching and corporate seminars are also available. Her e-mail address is visage63@aol.com

Divorced, with a 26-year old daughter, Reverend Denise resides in Sarasota, FL.

Our Founding Minister

Rev. Katherine Neville Smith was the founding minister of the Manatee Spiritual Center, now known as Center for Spiritual Living Manatee. She and her husband David moved from Southern California to Manatee County in December, 1999. The initial service was held in June of 2000 at the couple's expansive log house situatedon their 10-acre property.

Rev. Katherine says: "I believe that we are all created out of the One Creator and we have within us all of God in potential. And sometimes we just forget who we really are. My mission is to act as a spiritual guide to help us all remember the truth about ourselves - that we are wondrous, magnificent creations of the Divine - and to celebrate our remembering. I love the Science of Mind spiritual philosophy. It has supported me in changing and continuing to change my life. My focus is on teaching these timeless principles in practical ways that enrich our lives on a daily basis. This spiritual philosophy is alive for me. It is how I choose to live my life."